The bike fitting service for cyclists with overuse injuries




Physio Bike Fit is the physical and biomechanical assessment of cyclists and their bicycle, the integration of ‘man and machine’.

Firstly, the cyclist is physically examined with respect to flexibility, core strength and physical composition. Particular attention is given to current or past injuries/physical limitations. Following this, the cyclist and bicycle are measured for ‘fit’ and then a video assessment is done using the latest motion analysis software. The video is then reviewed (slow motion/freeze frame etc) by the physio and client.

The combination of findings from the video and physical assessment then precipitate changes to bicycle set-up and also further suggestions for exercise prescription/rehabilitation to address any physical deficiencies.

Following your video assessment, your practitioner will have written out a detailed history file documenting your subjective and objective findings, also a file of your bike settings pre and post assessment and documentation of any changes that were made or changes that need to be made following the assessment.

There will be video files and still images taken from the video with specific areas of interest marked up. This forms your ‘client file’ and will be put in a dropbox folder for you to access and share with other practitioners/bike builders etc as you wish.

No. Physio Bike Fit clients are usually a one off assessment.

90% of our clients already have another main treating practitioner who they see on a regular basis. Liaison with existing practitioners re assessment findings will help your existing practitioner direct their current treatment specifically to your main problem issues. Following assessment, a letter/phone call or email to your existing practitioner can be made so that they know what the findings of the video assessment were.


APA Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Emma (also known as Topbike Physio) is a physiotherapist of over 20 years experience including working with the Australian National Road Cycling teams at World Championships and Olympic Games. Emma her self previously competed at road and mountain bike events and has represented Australia in Mountain Bike at Commonwealth Games.

Rosie McCaughey

APA Physiotherapist

Rosie has over 7 years private/sports practice experience and is a member of Sports Physiotherapy Australia. Rosie is involved in the organisation of professional development for physiotherapists in Victoria. Rosie is also an amateur triathlete, having competed at local, national and international level. She is passionate about cycling and running, and lower limb biomechanics relating to those activities. Rosie has prior bike fit experience with the Melbourne Tri Club and Tri Alliance as well as bike-fitting recreational and semi-professional cyclists.

The ‘PHYSIO BIKE FIT’ service will take about around 2.5 - 3 hours.

$490 (extra bikes @ additional $90*).
*if done during the same appointment. The ‘extra bike’ fitting will be a fairly straight forward adaptation of
the first bike. Should you wish for a very detailed assessment (for example a TT bike), it may need to be done
as another appointment and so will attract a higher charge than the ‘extra bike’ charge.
Review/follow up assessments $165 per hour.

Yes, providing the bike assessment is part of injury management.
Individual funds vary so it is advisable to check with them prior.
ITEM Numbers:
The Item number is ‘500 – Physiotherapy Initial consultation’ for the first consultation or if it is a review ‘506 – Physiotherapy Long consultation’


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